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Everyone can create playlists on spotify. But having a playlist with your songs on it doesn't mean that someone is listening to the playlist.

We created lots of playlists in the past. For example, we created a playlist with swiss country artists. Whenever an artist contacted us we told them: "We can put your song on the playlist. We will promote the playlist as best as we can, if all the artist are doing the same then this will be successful"

Unfortunately most artists are lazy and it seems that they don't have time for promotion. They want to be successful but they don't do much for it.

Fact is: Streaming is becoming more and more important.

We are a publishing company, we are artists. So here is the deal:
We are doing a lot of promotion work. But alone we can't reach our goals.

Let's take a fictional artist -> 'Johnny'. Johnny wants to be successful. We contact Johnny and offer him to put one of his song on our playlist.

Let's say finally there are 50 artists on the same playlist.

Johnny says: "Why should I promote and listen to a playlist with one of my songs on it. When I listen to the whole playlist one time then I have one stream. At the same time I could stream my song 50 times and I would have 50 streams“

The difference is this:

When Johnny streams his song 50 times then he has 50 streams but just one person who listened to it.

If all the 50 artists on the playlist listen to the playlist one time then all artists have 50 streams but....from 50 different people.

That's a difference.

Now we can go on. If everyone of these 50 artists has 5 band members who listen to the playlist then there are 250 different people who listened to the song. If every of these 250 people has 10 friends who listen to the playlist then all the artists will have 2500 streamings from different people.

Spotify has it algorithms. We don't know exactly how it works. But we believe that it makes a big difference if an artist has 2500 streamings from 2500 different people instead from one.

Now we can go on and on. Imagine how many people we could reach if everyone who is involved promotes the playlist.

Or in other words....if independent artists would work together, they could reach a lot more people then when everyone is looking for themselves.

Here is what we offer:

We have several playlists with songs that we published or that we produced and released.

We created some playlists and we are now looking to work together with artists who would like to be on the same playlists.

But we want artists on it who are willing to promote the playlist. But as we wrote above, mostly the artists want to be on a playlist but they don't want to do anything. That's not what we are looking for. 

For us it makes no sense to promote a playlist like crazy and the other artists are doing nothing.

That's why we have some rules.

You don't have to pay anything. You just have to help with promotion. And we want to see what you did and we expect a minimum every month.

Here you'll find out more about it -> HOMEWORK