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Our service costs nothing, but all artists who are on our playlists have to do their homework, otherwise this will not be succesful. We already have experience and here you'll find out about it -> OUR EXPERIENCE


Once per month every artist has to deliver printscreens, links etc. that tell about what they did. Every artist has to deliver 20 activities per month. Here we explain what we mean with activities:

Posting the playlist....
...on twitter, facebook, linkedin or any other social medias
...in facebook groups or any other similar pages that are music based
...mention the playlist in a newsletter
...we also expect that each artist listens to or lets run the playlist once per day. We can't control that but we hope that every artist will take this seriously.


If you think that is too much work here is our opinion:

Let's say you have a facebook, twitter and linkedin page and are connected with a couple of music based facebook groups. Creating a posting like:

Check out this great playlist on spotify. Our song „songname“ is also on it: Link to the playlist

Creating this and posting it to 10 pages and making print screens or copy the links will take 5 min.

So you have to invest 10 minutes per month into your career!


End of each month, we will send out an e-mail to all artists that are on the playlist and we show them what we did.
...oh yes of course, we will also do our homework! Our social media connections -> Link
We will change the order of the song(s) every week and we will put the last songs on the playlist on top. So everyone has the same chances.

The artists have to send us their 20 activities. If we don't hear from the artist, we will send a reminder. If we still don't hear anything we will erase the song from the playlist.

Sounds good ? Then please submit your music to us! (click on the "submit music button" in the menu)


You are wondering why we do this? Here it is:

  • We believe that streaming is the future and the main income for artists comes from streaming (but there will only be good income, if you reach people)
  • We are a publishing company and we want our songs to be successful
  • We are also artists and we want to promote our songs as best as possible.

Alone we can't reach our goal, that's why we want to team up with other artists who are willing to spend a little bit of time on their career.



Of course you can pay others to put you on playlists. We also have experience with that:

  • Most companies who offer such services cost money.
  • Or you pay them to listen to your songs without any guarantee that they will take your song.
  • Or when someone takes you on a playlist you will maybe be number 251 on a playlist with 300 songs on it.
  • Or they tell you that they have lots of playlist followers but eventually there will not be a lot of streamings. A lot of followers doesn't mean a lot of streamings 

All these things will also take time and it costs money. 

And if the promotion company is a scam then it can turn out worse...like this:

Finally it's your decision if you want to take the risk. And as we wrote above -> Finding the right company and submit your music to them will also take time and it cost money.

Our service cost nothing!